6 Reasons To Update Your Packaging

As a small business owner, you’re always looking for ways to streamline your processes, save some money, and make your customers happy. When it comes to your shipping packages, however, you suffer from a case of the “this-is-the-way-we’ve-always-done-it-itus.” Your parcels are bulky, tough to pack, and even tougher to ship. Moreover, customers have a hard time opening their goodies and love sharing their thoughts in product reviews.

Here Are 6 Tips To Cure “This-Is-The-Way-We’ve-Always-Done-It-Itus.”

To Keep Your Warehouse (Or Garage) Squeaky Clean

No matter what stage of business you are at, you don’t want clutter harshing your mellow. Packaging shouldn’t take center stage, whether that means piles of boxes overtaking your warehouse or a garage busting at the seams with cardboard. Best Mailers free up critical storage space because they store flat like a pancake. You can save up to 75% on storage space compared with corrugated boxes and bubble mailers.

To Save The Planet

Wasteful plastic packaging is so out of style. As consumers call for brands to be environmentally responsible, eco-friendly packaging has reigned supreme. Shipping packing must be easily recycled, and no substrate is more widely recycled than paper. There’s no better time to make your packaging plastic-free.

At Best Mailer, we’re on a mission to reduce plastic packaging waste and help eCommerce businesses stay eco-conscious. Our kraft mailers are made of 100% paper, are 100% recyclable, and 100% compostable. Give your customers peace of mind knowing they can toss your mailers in the recycle bin To Save Your Sanity If you’re in the bootstrapping phase of your e-commerce venture, then boxing products is likely the bane of your existence. Putting that first product into a box was likely a novel experience you fondly remember, but now as you box the hundredth product, that novel excitement is long gone.

Luckily, Best Mailers allow you to pack fast with no assembly required. Our mailers have self-seal closure, which saves you minutes per box. You can package in seconds with no assembly, no tape, no hassle, and no void fill. Hooray! Your time with packing peanuts is finally over.

To Keep Customers Happy

Another un-pleasantry of owning a small business? Processing returns. Customers expect easy returns in the Amazon era, and small businesses that deliver stand out from the competition. 

With Best Mailers, you can keep your customers happy by making returns as easy as pie. Our mailers can be re-used and taped closed for hassle-free returns—no more angry phone calls from shoppers or returns delivered in damaged boxes.

To Be Versatile

As an e-commerce seller, you don’t want to have your eggs in one basket. You need to cast a wider net which is why you sell on multiple platforms. 

At Best Mailer, we get it, which is why we offer expandable mailers designed to ship your Etsy, eBay & Amazon store orders quickly.

We’re Not Your Average Mailer

At Best Mailer, we think outside of the box, literally. We know that e-commerce brands want custom packaging that’s efficient, durable, beautifully branded, affordable, and meets deadlines. Companies can impress their customers with packaging that pops like the picture-perfect products inside our mailers. Brands can streamline their shipping processes, save a chunk of change, and have peace of mind knowing that their packaging is earth-friendly.

Want to try out our mailers? Click here to order 10 samples for $10 and see the quality for yourself. At Best Mailer, we’re transforming small parcel delivery because we know that your packaging is an essential representation of your business. You deserve sleek, sturdy, innovative, and aesthetically pleasing packaging. You deserve mailers built for your modern business.

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