eCommerce Shipping for Shopify Stores: Strategies, Solutions & Best Practices

This is part four of a four-part series on eCommerce packaging that’ll help you get prepped and ready to achieve your online business goals.

When most of your relationships with customers happen on Shopify, your packaging becomes the only physical interaction they have with your store. Having an airtight eCommerce shipping strategy for your Shopify store means mistakes happen less, and when they do happen, you know exactly how to fix them. 

At Best Mailer, we help online stores and high-volume sellers with eCommerce packaging solutions that cut their shipping costs, increase their bottom line, and put a smile on their customers’ faces. Over the years, we’ve seen how an effective shipping plan can incentivize customers to return to your shop and nearly eliminate postal mishaps. 

In the following guide, we go over the most important best practices that separate the great Shopify stores from the rest when it comes to shipping and packaging. We’ll also provide some solutions to common problems that impact even the top shops you see online.

Why Is eCommerce Shipping for Shopify Important?

Since 2020, Shopify store owners have seen a massive boost in traffic. It’s no surprise. In the second half of the year, Shopify’s stock went up 96%

With all the attention online shops are getting, and the amount of them to choose from, it’s very important that your shipping plan not only satisfies your customers but also grows with your business. So if you’re worried that new problems will arise as you scale up, check out our tips and best practices.

Best Practices for eCommerce Shipping on Shopify

1. Tweak Your Shipping Rates and Methods

How much you charge for shipping can make or break a sale. The most appealing option for customers is to offer free shipping. To make that feasible, you’ll need to either increase the price of your product to absorb some or all of the cost, or you cover the added expense yourself, reducing your profit margin.

Although some eCommerce shops offer free shipping on Shopify, many do not. It cuts too deep into their margins. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find creative ways to interest customers into purchasing from your store. Here are some ways to tweak your shipping rates and methods.

Discount Codes

One way to ease customers into paying for shipping is to offer a discount code. First-time or return customers can get a deal on shipping, which entices them to try your product.

Local Delivery

By offering a zone of free local delivery, you’re telling your customers that you’re doing your best to reduce their costs. It also shows that you’re a friend to the surrounding community.

Price Threshold

Setting a minimum purchase for free shipping, say $50, lets you charge for shipping single items, while also incentivizing customers to spend a little more to save on shipping. While you’ll still end up paying for postage, you have more gross margin to cover that expense.

2. Consider Your Profit MArgin

It’s important to routinely go back to your spreadsheet or notebook and rethink those margins. Perhaps your flat rate shipping worked when you sold 200 products a month, but now it’s eating into your profits. Every six months or so, it’s a good idea to spend an hour planning the next step in your shop’s trajectory. 

You can’t truly know your profit margin without first knowing the total price of all of your hidden costs associated with getting orders out the door. 

  • Packaging
  • Time and hassle fulfilling orders    
  • Shipping labels
  • Postage 
  • Customs and duties 
  • Credit card processing fees    

From our experience, packaging is one of the most cost-effective areas to re-adjust. This is especially true after you’ve gotten to know your customer’s purchasing habits, because you’ll have a better understanding of what your customers order and in what quantities.

3. Choose the best ecommerce packaging for your shopify business

In today’s online world, packaging has gone from the least thought about aspect of a business to one of its most crucial elements. Even still, you’d be surprised how many eCommerce shops use packaging that hurts them more than it helps. 

For example, some stores will use plastic-based bubble mailers or poly mailers when they sell to environmentally aware consumers. And although many shop owners think using rigid cardboard boxes sets them apart, cartons are as time-consuming as they are slow to assemble. They require tape on both ends and often need void fill like airbags or kraft paper so that shipped merchandise does not bounce around in transit. 

These days shops are getting a lot more creative. With Best Mailer, you can lower your packaging costs, cut shipping rates, and impress your customers. Best Mailer offers a range of sizes to choose from, perfect for small goods, books, garments — you name it.

Does Shopify Help With Shipping?

Partnering with Shopify can automate much of your shipping process and make for faster, easier fulfillment. Of course, you’ll also lose out on some of your bottom line because the company charges you for their services. But depending on your situation, the money, time, and effort you save on shipping and returns could be worth it. 

Shopify Shipping helps you manage how much you charge for shipping, set up your DHL or UPS options, and print out shipping labels. 

The biggest reason to use Shopify Shipping is to access preferred shipping rates through the major carriers (UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS), as well as simplify the process around charging for shipping and generating shipping labels. Because Shopify negotiates preferred rates for the benefit of Shopify sellers, you’re guaranteed to get the best deal. Most often, shops choose to work with them when they want peace of mind or have a hard time managing customer returns. 

If you’re looking for some extra help, try watching the video below. It explains everything from breaking down the basics of delivery options and shipping rates to more complex tasks such as creating shipping profiles.

Isn’t It Time You Streamlined Your eCommerce Shipping Process?

Refining your eCommerce shipping strategy can really make a difference. Although you may have figured out what works for you today, as you scale, you need to find the right solutions that boost your profit margins, keep your customers happy and streamline your process. 

At Best Mailer, we offer affordable, high-quality e-commerce products packaging solutions designed to help you cut through the clutter.

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