Want More 5-Star Reviews? Avoid These eCommerce Packaging Mistakes

This is part three of a four-part series on eCommerce packaging that’ll help you get prepped and ready to achieve your online business goals.

When it comes to eCommerce packaging, what you use to package your products and how you ship them can mean the difference between a two-star and five-star rating. You want your customers to be excited about receiving their order. The last thing you want is for them to be underwhelmed, or worse disappointed, when your products arrive at their doorstep because of eCommerce packaging mistakes that you could’ve easily avoided.

Carefully considering your eCommerce packaging options and taking the time to put the final touches on your package before sending it through the postal system can make a huge impact on your business growth and improve your customer experience. Here are the 5 eCommerce packaging mistakes you need to avoid.

The Five Biggest eCommerce Packaging Mistakes

1. You Chose the Wrong Package Size

Packaging that’s too big or too small can cause more mishaps than you might think. For one, picking the right-sized eCommerce package saves you money. The extra cost of oversized boxes and bags adds up fast. Plus, you’ll spend more time filling it with bubble wrap, packing peanuts or tissue paper. Buying eCommerce packaging solutions that are too small means catalogs arrive bent and soft goods arrive deformed.

You want to use eCommerce packaging that’s just a little bigger than what you’re shipping. An inch or two on the width and height should be more than enough. Don’t forget that you can request a mailer trial kit from us to test out the sizing before making a big investment.

2. You Forgot to Fill the Empty Space

No matter which courier or postal service you ship with, it’s more likely than not that things in your package will get a little shaken up. Tossing your products in a box with little or no protective filler risks damaging the item and upsetting customers. That’s why eCommerce packaging options like polybags or corrugate boxes require fillers like bubble wrap and packaging paper to stuff into the air gaps and secure the products. 

But you can skip the fill altogether by using paperboard mailers. Conformer sells mailers in multiple sizes, from extra small to extra large, so they can fit a range of your eCommerce products. If you need extra durability for fragile items, we also sell heavy-duty mailers that are a thicker gauge, but still light enough to qualify for Lightweight Parcel and First Class Flat shipping rates.

3. You Didn’t Use Recycled And/Or Recyclable Materials

Any opportunity you have to use recycled materials in your eCommerce packaging is a potential opportunity to enrich a customer’s experience. Eco-friendly shipping products tell the people that support your business that you are conscious of your impact on the environment. If this is a concern for you, then you’ll want to avoid plastic bags or bubble mailers. 

Another way to cut down on plastic bubble wrap, excess tape, and package size is by using mailers. Even better, we make our heavy-duty mailers from 100% recycled stock, so your customers will see your passion for the environment instantly.

4. Your Package Was Too Hard to Open

One of the most important moments your customer interacts with your eCommerce brand is when they take the package into their hands and try to open it. No one enjoys fussing with layers of tape and peeling sticky glue off scissors and knives. 

Your products must be safely tucked in their packaging, but it’s also very easy to go overboard. If your products are small enough to use mailers, then you don’t have to worry, because they self-seal and feature a pull string to easily open. For larger products that need boxes, just stick with one layer of tape.

5. You Overstuffed Your Package

Boxes aren’t exactly cheap, and sometimes to cut costs eCommerce brands will try to fit more than they should into one box. Packing things too tightly can lead to chipped corners and warping. It can also make it seem like you care more about saving a few dollars than keeping your customers’ items safe. 

It’s a good idea to have a few different sizes of boxes or mailers ready at all times. That way, you can adequately fulfill your customer’s order without making it seem like you were not prepared. 

Your eCommerce Packaging Represents Your Brand

Your packaging is an important representation of your business. Not only do you want to avoid these logistical eCommerce packaging mistakes to cut costs, save time and make sure your products arrive safely, but you should also always leverage your packaging as an opportunity to interact with your customers. Branding your packaging doesn’t have to be expensive; small touches like an ink stamp of your logo, a small branded sticker or tape can do wonders for your brand recognition and customer loyalty.

When products arrive safely at a customer’s doorstep in a beautiful, sturdy package, they’ll know you care about their experience with your business. By avoiding these simple mistakes, you’ll win the trust of your clients and be that much closer to return orders and more 5-star reviews. 

Discover Best Mailer by Conformer’s range of eCommerce packaging mailers that help you make every order a success.

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