The Environmental Benefits of Using Paperboard Packaging

Time Magazine released an article in mid-2022 that dove into the dismal state of recycling plastics in the United States. Through this study and deep dive into the ethics and reality of plastic recycling in the US, they unearthed some shocking statistics including the fact that more than 91% of all plastics generated in 2018 were put in a landfill or incinerated for energy and less than 9% of plastics were recycled. In 2021, just 3 years later, the rate was cut in half with less than 5% being recycled. 

As an e-commerce business, switching to paperboard packaging is one of the best ways to do your part in helping reduce waste and protecting our environment. Whether you ship 100 packages a month or 1,000.000+, using sustainable packaging in any quantity is a game-changer. Since the U.S. Postal Service delivers more mail than any other post in the world, serving 163.1 million addresses in the country, it’s easy to imagine how big of an impact switching to paperboard packaging would make. Still not convinced? Keep reading to discover some of the top environmental benefits of using paperboard packaging below.

Paperboard reduces waste and encourages recycling

As one of the most sustainable packaging materials available today, paperboard is a low carbon, non-fossil based and renewable alternative to plastic with one of the highest recycling rates. Not only does it clearly make a difference to the environment, but with more eco-conscious consumers today than ever before, chances are many of your customers will notice the change.


In contrast to the dismally low rate of plastic recycling, he recycling rate of paper and paperboard in the US was 68% in 2021, a whopping 13.6 times the rate of plastic recycling. Since it’s clear that consumers are nowhere near as committed to recycling plastics as they are to recycling paperboard, e-commerce companies that choose to make the switch from plastic packaging to paper are making a huge difference for the environment.

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Paperboard helps to protect natural resources

Since paper-based packaging is made with a renewable natural resource (trees grown in sustainably managed forests), it is an eco-friendly product that brands who care are proud to stand behind. Protecting natural resources and actively seeking out products that are produced and distributed sustainably is important for those who wish to go green. 


At Best Mailer, we are committed to providing eco-friendly packaging for sustainable businesses and we believe in the power of recycling and environmental responsibility. Since our mailers are made from 100% paper and are 100% recyclable and compostable, you can ship with confidence and conscience. We’re proud to provide high-quality mailers that go head-to-head with bubble mailers and small boxes which every smart business owner should take advantage of. 

Our products make it so you and anyone you ship to can safely and easily recycle any of our mailers. With mailers that are as great for the environment as they are for your business, you can make a difference starting as soon as you switch.

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The Environmental Benefits of Using Paperboard Packaging

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