Alternatives to Cardboard Boxes

Everyone loves getting a package in the mail, especially when it comes from a family member, friend, or your favorite retailer. There is so much mail sent in the United States alone that the Postal Service brought in over $32 billion in shipping and package services in 2021 alone. This staggering statistic shows that sending packages remains a popular way to ship goods throughout the country, and shipping and package services is one of the most profitable and popular services in the mailing industry.

While the industry typically reaches for cardboard boxes, bubble mailers, and poly bags, there are actually some great eco-friendly alternatives, especially for those businesses selling smaller merchandise. In fact, our eco-friendly mailers at Best Mailer by Conformer are ideal for e-commerce companies because they are heavy-duty, lightweight, easy to use, sustainable, and space efficient.

Main differences between Best Mailer and a cardboard box

There are a few significant differences between our Best Mailer and an average cardboard box. First, there is no assembly with our mailers, making them fast to fill so you can get your packages out the door quickly. Next, since you are avoiding the hassle of assembly with a cardboard box, you don’t have to worry about packing tape as our mailers come with a self-seal tab. Finally, since these mailers expand to fit your products, you don’t have to worry about filling in extra space in the mailer like you would with cardboard box fillers like air-bags, crinkle paper, bubble wrap, or tissue paper.

When you cut out the hassle of assembly, taping, and filling unused space in the box, you can cut down your fill time from the average 2 minutes with a cardboard box to just 23 seconds. Imagine how many more packages you can stuff in an hour with that kind of time savings.

Save on storage space

Another pesky thing about boxes, is they tend to be clunky and take up a lot of space, especially when you are shipping large quantities. Our kraft mailers make it, so you can easily stack all of your packages and can cut down on storage space in your warehouse or office (and even in your vehicle on your way to the post office). Gain back valuable space with our heavy-duty, lightweight and custom mailers that are significantly smaller than cardboard boxes and bubble mailers.

An added bonus: eco-friendly packaging

While saving on time and maximizing efficiency are both game changers for your business, an added bonus to switching from cardboard boxes to our mailers is that all of our mailers are eco-friendly. At Best Mailer, we are proud to run a sustainable business and believe in the power of recycling and environmental responsibility. As such, our mailers are 100% paper, 100% recyclable, and 100% compostable. 

Our eco-friendly packaging is ideal for sustainable businesses so you can ship with confidence and conscience and your customers can easily recycle after opening their package. Transitioning from cardboard boxes to best-in-class mailers for your small merchandise is a smart decision every e-commerce business owner should take advantage of. With a professional look, unbeatable efficiency, and sustainability you can trust with every mailer, you can easily make a difference for your business starting today. If you are interested in seeing these mailers in person, we offer trial kits, so you can get 10 mailers for $10 delivered right to your door. Click here to order samples now.

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Alternatives to Cardboard Boxes

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