Is Kraft Paper Eco-Friendly?

Is Kraft Paper Eco-Friendly?

Almost every person in the US gets at least one piece of mail each day, with some claiming they get upwards of five to ten a day. To show this at scale, the United States Postal Service stated that they processed and delivered a whopping 425.3 million mail pieces on average every day in 2021. With so much mail being shipped, processed, and delivered, it is safe to assume that this could lead to a lot of waste, and not all of it is recyclable.

While paper and paperboard remain the most recycled medium topping 68% in 2021, there are many things that come in that mail that some might think twice about before placing them in the recycle bin. Kraft paper envelopes and packages are often among the products that leave consumers questioning whether they are eco-friendly or not, but in fact, these products are 100% recyclable. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of kraft paper and the facts behind recycling and using this type of sustainable packaging.

Different types of kraft paper

Kraft paper is the most used material in packaging. There are a few different versions of kraft paper including 100% recycled content, partial recycled content, to 0% recycled content, also known as virgin paper. Paper that includes recycled content is heavier and less durable due to the shorter recycled wood fibers. On the other hand, besides being lighter in weight, virgin paperboard tends to be more rigid, thanks to longer wood fibers, and therefore stands up to repeated handling in carrier mail processing systems.

Kraft paper benefits

Virgin unbleached kraft paper has a light brown color and it is the strongest of the common packaging papers, making it ideal for use when maximum strength is required. In addition to being great for heavy-duty and reliable shipping, kraft paper’s eco-friendly benefits are important to note.

Since kraft paper is manufactured from wood pulp, it is organic and can be recycled up to seven times due to the durable properties it possesses. The process of recycling kraft paper is almost identical to the recycling process of other paper items. Since they are collected and then sorted before heading to the mill where the recycling process begins, consumers can simply drop them in their paper recycling bins.

Another benefit of being manufactured from pulp and made of pine fibers, kraft paper is 100% biodegradable and completely organic. Since this paper degrades naturally, it has no negative environmental impact, making it a smart option for sustainable businesses who are looking for durable and reliable packaging. Unlike many different packages, envelopes, and mailers you might get in the mail, there’s no question as to whether kraft paper is eco-friendly or not.

Paper based address labels applied by the shipper as well as the carrier’s coding labels including USPS, UPS, and FedEx, do not need to be removed from paperboard packaging prior to recycling. A significant obstacle to recycling poly bags and plastic bubble mailers where all paper based labels must be carefully removed prior to depositing in a plastic film recycling bin at your local grocery store.

Eco-friendly packaging by Conformer

Eco-friendly packaging by Conformer

At Best Mailer, our eco-friendly packaging is designed for sustainable businesses. All our mailers are made from 100% recycled material and are therefore 100% recyclable, so you can ship with confidence and conscience. In addition to being eco-friendly, our mailers are designed to expand up to 2” while storing perfectly flat so you can ship your eCommerce product without having to take up a lot of unnecessary space. Switch now to Best Mailer and take advantage of heavy-duty mailers that self-seal, ship for less than a box, and store flatter than a bubble mailer. With mailers that are as great for the environment as they are for your business, you can easily make a difference starting today.

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Is Kraft Paper Eco-Friendly?

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