Why Customers Choose Us For Their Custom Packaging Needs

At Best Mailer, we’re transforming small parcel delivery. We’ve made big moves in an industry that’s remained stagnant for decades. We took bulky overpriced non-recyclable packaging that was a nightmare to fill and ship and replaced it with 100% paper-based, slim, sturdy, innovative, and aesthetically pleasing mailers built for today’s business owners. Fast-growing “maker” brands like Craft and Lore, Drift, Honey Bee Stamps, and more rely on us for their custom packaging needs. Let’s hear their stories.

Honey Bee Stamps Had Custom Packaging Needs

Honey Bee Stamps sells stamps, cards, envelopes, embellishments, and other stationary tools online to crafty customers. The small business owners at Honey Bee searched long and hard for a custom packaging solution to safely ship their products, reviewing dozens of shipping products in the process. They had high standards, with rigidity, style, and functionality being top priorities. After selecting Best Mailer for their needs, they’ve experienced many benefits.

The Honey Bee Stamps team likes that Best Mailer self-seal envelopes are easy to store in their warehouse, quick to ship, lightweight, have low shipping costs, and protect their products as they make their way to their final destination. Plus, they are eco-friendly, which is a must for this stamp brand!

“We are incredibly happy with our choice, and our customers adore our packaging just as much as we do!” – Melissa H., Founder, Honey Bee Stamps

Crate And Lore Craved Efficiency

Craft and Lore is an independent design and build workshop for leather goods. They sell exquisitely crafted leather belts, wallets, bags, and accessories. All of their products are hand-crafted in Idaho. 

While searching for a company to meet their custom packaging needs, Craft and Lore enjoyed the collaboration Best Mailer offered. The Best Mailer team worked closely with Craft and Lore to perfect their branding on their envelopes with the highest attention to detail. Additionally, we are always available to answer questions and attend to their needs. Finally, Craft and Lore enjoy the fact that they no longer have to spend hours assembling boxes to ship their products in. Their shipping efficiency has doubled!

“A great family-owned operation…I look forward to continuing business with the fine folks at Conformer.” – Chad V., Founder, Craft and Lore

Drift Needed Beautiful Branding

Drift sells innovative scents for your home or car, including candles, room sprays, diffusers, and air fresheners using natural ingredients and elegant product designs. Having packaging with clear branding is important to them and one of the main reasons they chose Best Mailers. Drift knows that packaging is a brand’s “first impression,” and they want to make a good one. Moreover, Best Mailer provides quality they can rely upon. 

“These mailers have been fantastic to use! Having a mailer that represents the brand is important. The mailer is often the first thing our customers will see. Plus, the quality is never a question.  The way they are designed allows for our operation to run smoothly.”– Christian H., Co-Founder, Drift

Mimeo Wanted To Save Money

Mimeo helps businesses, schools, and individuals worldwide with their printing needs. Their customers include online greeting card retailers who ship very lightweight products. In an effort to save themselves and their partner money without sacrificing style, they turned to Best Mailer. 

According to their Print Engineer, “For every order in which a Conformer mailer replaces a box, we save about $0.19 in material cost. And our partners are happy too–they save up to $.44 on shipping on smaller orders.”

Siemens Hearing Instruments Had High Expectations

Siemens Hearing Instruments manufacturers hearing aids and other assistive listening devices and accessories. They had several requirements when looking for a company to meet their custom packaging needs. They needed to save money, meet tight deadlines, and invest in environmentally-friendly packaging. With Best Mailer, they hit the mark on all three requirements seamlessly. 

“Conformer’s work on our top-level marketing/sales projects have been well-received and more than satisfactory.”-Theresa L. Procurement Specialist, Siemens Hearing Instruments, Inc.

We’re Not Your Average Mailer

At Best Mailer, we think outside of the box, literally. We know that e-commerce brands want custom packaging that’s efficient, durable, beautifully branded, affordable, and meets deadlines. Companies can impress their customers with packaging that pops as much as the picture-perfect products inside with our mailers. Brands can streamline their shipping processes, save a chunk of change, and have peace of mind knowing that their packaging is made of 100% recycled content.

Want to sample our mailers? Click here to order samples and see the quality for yourself.

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Why Customers Choose Us For Their Custom Packaging Needs

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