Getting Started with eCommerce Packaging? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

beginner's guide to ecommerce packaging

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This is part one of a four-part series on eCommerce packaging that’ll help you get prepped and ready to achieve your online business goals.

Ever since a massive shift in 2020, there’s a more significant demand for eCommerce than ever before. If you’re a business owner, now is the time for you to perfect your online sales strategy; However, there’s one problem: there’s also more competition. This means that you need to pay attention to every detail.

 If you’re just getting started with your eCommerce packaging, then it’s time to get creative. There’s plenty of different components that add up to the final project when it comes to eCommerce packaging. Let’s face it: Your packaging plays a huge role in whether or not you’ll transition your customer into a repeat customer or not.

 In fact, according to Shopify, a staggering 40% of eCommerce customers report that they’re more likely to repurchase from a company if they have premium packaging. That’s a huge statistic! It’s imperative that you take the time, energy, and investment in making sure that you impress.

In this guide, we'll cover:

The Beginner’s Guide to eCommerce Packaging

eCommerce Packaging: A Growing Industry

Packaging has its very own industry, and rightfully so. There are plenty of different places to outsource various components for your packaging. With the packaging industry consistently growing, Shopify has estimated that by 2025, the market value will be worth $61.55 billion.

So, what is ecommerce packing, you ask? It’s packaging and shipping supplies you use to get your products to your consumers. When you choose your ecommerce experience, you want to take into consideration the design aspect and the level of security you’re offering your products while in transit.

The Purpose of Your eCommerce Packaging

When it comes to your packaging, it should be multi-functional. For example, not only should your packaging get your product to your customer safely, but it should build rapport and tell your brand story. Having packaging that engages your customer can result in return buyers.

1. Capture Your Branding

You want your eCommerce packaging to tell a story! Each component should be on brand and should intrigue your customer in one way or another. For example, something as simple as an insert or tissue paper should match your branding. Every component of your packaging should align with your brand story and colors. Make sure to keep the font consistent throughout.

2. Protect Your Product

Of course, when it comes to shipping, you risk damaging your product in transit. When it comes to your eCommerce packaging, you want to ensure that it provides as much safety for your product as possible. Depending on what you’re shipping, this might include additional paper, bubble wrap, or more. Conversely, if you are shipping a durable item, or “soft goods” like clothing, don’t over-pack them. There’s no reason to ship a t-shirt in a bubble mailer.  We recommend trying to make your packaging as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible while trying to protect your product at the same time. 

3. Educate Your Customer

Use your packaging to try and educate your customer about your brand and how to use your product. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with your audience and intrigue them to buy more through you. Include information pamphlets or “How To Tutorials” when necessary. 

Key takeaways

  • Your packaging should offer protection to your product while they are in transit, so they don’t get delivered in poor shape.
  • Each component of your packaging should be an extension of your brand.
  • When your customer is trying a new product, they need to be educated on how to use it and why your brand is better than the rest.

eCommerce Packaging Types and Options

eCommerce packaging comes in all shapes, sizes and forms. From kraft, padded and poly mailers to plastic mailing bags and envelopes to corrugated boxes, the options available will depend on your budget and your product size. Some of the most common that we’ve seen are:


Mailers are lightweight, flexible shopping options that allow for an easy and cost-effective way to ship your product. Often similar to a large envelope with more security, they come in different variations like poly mailers, kraft mailers, bubble mailers (i.e. padded mailers). Best Mailer is a leading ecommerce packaging option combining the best features of all the mailer variations available when it comes to cost efficiency, security,  and design.


Boxes are not as common in the shipping world anymore, as they create a lot of waste. You can choose between corrugated boxes, rigid boxes, and folding boxes, but as businesses try to cut down on shipping cost, they’re opting for more efficient solutions like mailers and bags.

Bags and Envelopes

Bags and envelopes are still an excellent way to ship for their cost-effective price, but they don’t offer the same amount of protection that mailers and boxes do. They come in different forms such as Tyvek envelopes or plastic mailing bags.

Key takeaways

  • There are three types of shipping options available:
  • Mailers are often made out of cardboard, and they blend cost-effectiveness with a low environmental footprint.
  • Boxes create a lot of waste but allow you to add enough filler to create padding for your product in transfer.
  • Though cheap, envelopes and bags don’t offer much product protection.

What to Look For In Your eCommerce Packing

When choosing your ecommerce packaging, you want to opt for something that is elegant and efficient. Mailing your product should be easy, so don’t let it become overcomplicated.

With Best Mailer by Conformer, you can streamline your mailers to minimize your shipping costs without sacrificing the aesthetic of your parcel. We provide a simple dimension worksheet, so you can determine the best size mailer for your package. Our no-hassle mailers let you cut through the clutter and impress your audience!

We’ve also included the option of ordering a trial kit, so you can test out our products before you commit.

Shipping with eCommerce Mailers? What’s Right For Your Product?

If you’re shipping with mailers, you’ll want to begin by figuring out the right size of packaging for your products. Some elements that go into play here include:

  • Product thickness
  • Packaging dimensions
  • Your budget
  • Postal and shipping fulfillment guidelines

You’ll want a mailer that offers protection while still minimizing shipping costs. Our mailers offer the necessary protection, so you can rest assured knowing your product will arrive safely.

For example, if you mainly ship small items like Smartphone Cases or Jewelry then our Extra Small Mailers (7″ x 9″) would be perfect for your eCommerce packaging.

Here’s a breakdown of our Mailer dimensions and what products they’d be best suited for:

Extra Small Small Medium Large Extra Large
Best for mailing
Books, DVDs, Smartphone Cases, Jewelry, etc.
Soft Goods, Crafts, Small Parts, Fashion Accessories, etc.
Blister-pack Supplements, Nutraceuticals, Books, etc.
T-shirts, Small Garments, etc.
Calendars, Books, Catalogues, etc.
Outside dimension
7" x 9"
7.25" x 10.25"
9" x 12"
9.75" x 12.75"
11.75" x 14.5"
Inside dimension
5" x 7"
5.25" x 8.25"
6" x 9"
6.75" x 9.75"
8.75" x 11.5"
Capacity (expands up to)
1 1/4"
1 1/4"

How to Make your eCommerce Packaging Stand Out

Do you want your brand to stand out against other ecommerce brands? The best way to do that is with your packaging! Use the different components of your packaging to get creative and make an impact.


An excellent option to add tidy up your packaging and make it look more uniform. Consider getting custom stickers with your logo created. 

Coupons and/or gift cards

Coupons are an excellent way to show your appreciation to your customers. 

Business cards

This is a subtle promotion of your business. You can also include promotional materials.

Packing slip

A packing slip is similar to a receipt. This allows your customer and warehouse to ensure that everything is included in the shipment.

Custom note

custom note is an incredible way to create rapport and build a relationship with the customer. This personalized experience is an excellent way to gain repeat customers.

Educational materials

Teach your customer about how to use your product.

Key takeaways

  • Tissue paper is an excellent way to create additional padding. Consider using tissue paper that matches your brand color.
  • Add custom stickers of your logo or a sweet inspirational phrase to make an impact with your customer.
  • Coupons can be greatly appreciated in the mail! Entice your audience to be a repeat shopper with a generous coupon.
  • Throw in your business card to encourage them to reach out to your business again.
  • A packing slip is required if your customer wants to return their items.
  • A customized note offers a personalized shopping experience and will give a nice tough.
  • Add educational information to teach your customer how to use your products or what additional products will complement their current purchase.

Shipping Costs and eCommerce Packaging

As you’re determining shipping costs, you’ll want to be strategic as you decide what eCommerce shipping products you’re using to ship. Shipping companies ship by weight and size of box. You’ll want to determine the dimensions and weight of your shipment.

From there, you can determine the shipping costs associated with your parcel. This will allow you to charge shipping to your customers accurately, so you don’t take a loss when they check out on your eCommerce website.

For tips and tricks on how to save money on shipping, visit our blog here.

Cutting Back on Waste with eCommerce Packaging

Consumers are becoming more mindful of waste and its impact on the environment. The best thing you can do as an eCommerce company is to meet them in the middle and minimize your carbon footprint.

This often means using less plastic in your shipment and only using what’s necessary. Consumers often notice these efforts.

We’re going to cover four more blogs that’ll help you determine the best shipping supplies, methods and practices for your business. Stay tuned as we gear up to cover more ecommerce packaging tips, tricks and hacks.

Get Started with eCommerce Packaging

As an eCommerce business, paying attention to your packaging is an exceptional way to win repeat customers and excel your online sales platform. Make educated decisions about your shipping components to cut back on costs and make a lasting impression.

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Getting Started with eCommerce Packaging? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

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